Start Your Ketogenic Diet the Right Way.

One-On-One Coaching

Start losing weight—fast. For your ketogenic diet to work for you, it needs to be designed for you. Austin will design a ketogenic diet just for you, so you can start losing weight—fast.

Quick & Easy Meals

Know what to eat and how to make it! By the time you finish your first personal coaching session, you’ll know exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal includes Quick & Easy Directions.

Custom Meal Planner

Easily and flexibly plan new ketogenic meals. During your first coaching session, Austin will walk you through planning your first few meals with a personalized ketogenic meal planner.

Get answers!

Get actionable, personalized answers to your questions. If your plan includes personal coaching and accountabilty emails, Austin is available for the length of your plan. (Response within 24 hours)

What Clients are Saying:

I can’t believe that in a few months I have been able to get the weight off I have been trying for 5 years to get off! Thanks again! I am beyond happy with your program and what it has done for me! Olivia

United States

This is truly the first approach to eating that I’ve tried that I feel will be truly sustainable into the future. Thank you so much for the brilliantly simple technology and support that you’ve given me. Lesley


I cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel that Austin and this program came my way. It’s real. Not one ounce of hype. All true. I am truly living life as it is intended for the first time in many, many years. Shari

United States

Fast, Healthy Weight Loss.

Get one-on-one coaching, quick & easy meals, a custom meal planner, and answers to your questions—and start losing weight!

About Austin

Ketogenic diet expert

Austin Voss is an entrepreneur, software developer, and ketogenic diet expert. A recognized authority on ketogenic dieting, he has helped thousands of people apply a ketogenic diet through his meal-planning software and one-on-one coaching.

Over the years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of women to apply a ketogenic diet for weight loss, and I’ve never seen this program fail. Austin

There’s a Plan for Every Budget.

1-Hour Coaching

  • 1-Hour One-On-One Coaching Session (by phone)
  • Quick & Easy Meals
  • Custom Meal Planner
  • Does NOT include Personal Coaching & Accountability (by email)

7-Day Coaching

  • 1-Hour One-On-One Coaching Session (by phone)
  • Quick & Easy Meals
  • Custom Meal Planner
  • 7-Day Personal Coaching & Accountability (by email)

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